6 proven SEO techniques

6 proven SEO techniques

Maybe you are a professional blogger or you own a SEO company in Lucknow or anywhere in India and you know how to write quality content. But you can’t even prove that you know everything about SEO techniques because nothing can ever be perfect.

Alright, leaving this stuff aside, we are saying that when you write a blog post and before you publish it, there are some key SEO points to pay attention to on the page.

Every blogger wishes to publish great quality content for their blog or website. But did you know that this is only a small part of a successful blog?

While content is king, how do you let others know that you have informative and high-quality content? but others will access it, you have informative content.

As more and more people know about my content and rank easily on Google, we usually use these 6 proven on-page SEO techniques in this article. After successfully using all these best SEO techniques on my blog page, we can hit the post button to do this directly.

We hope you can get lots of page views to your blog using this method. So why wait now –

Let’s get started and see what you need to consider when writing a blog post and before posting a blog post.

  1. Always guide your audience to write

This is one of the most vital parts of on-page SEO. Many new bloggers make mistakes on this topic. They start writing blog posts based on their own interests. But it becomes even more profitable when you write about your valuable audience.

Don’t choose the topic of each post yourself, it’s better if the idea for the blog comes from your audience. And that will only happen if you address your target audience.

If you don’t have a target audience, we advise you not to start writing. Didn’t you start writing because you wanted to write a blog post or because someone wanted to read it?

  1. Write informative and high-quality content

So, in the end, you have chosen your niche and target audience. You are now ready to start writing high-quality, informative content for your readers.

Make your content as unique as possible. It will be useful and enjoyable for you and your audience.

  1. Determine the form and structure of blog posts

When you write blog posts, you need to pay special attention because you are writing articles about your blog, not novels. Your main problem should be how to retain your audience, not confuse them. Page views and traffic to your blog depending on how you structure your blog posts.

Remember, people prefer only informative content that is easy to read and organize. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere to find this information. Therefore, when you write, you need to establish the right content structure. Determining the best structure for your blog is a major part of on-page SEO techniques.

Whenever you create or write a blog, shape it well and write it in short paras. Don’t embarrass or confuse your readers.

  1. Put the right keywords in the right places

Suppose you want to search for something on Google, what do you do? You type something in the search bar that you want to see. What you type in Google to search for something is called a keyword. To be different, suppose you need information about the best smartphones under 10,000 rupees.

In this way, your blog can disappear from the crowds on the internet. So, adding keywords in the right place with the right focus plays an important role in the SEO of the page. If you have SEO Company in Lucknow, you can choose SEO Company in Lucknow as your keyword.

  1. Optimize Your Blog Posts – SEO

If you want your blog posts to rank on Google or any other search engine, search engine optimization should be your priority. Otherwise, there is no point in writing blog posts.

Content optimization plays an important role in ranking blogs or blog posts. While search engine optimization is not an easy task, you can still perform content optimization (SEO) for content to some degree.

  1. Add appropriate images to explain further

Blog posts should be easy to read and fun so that your readers don’t get bored. In such situations, it is helpful to include some images in your blog posts.

Adding some related photos to your blog posts will add strength to your article. In such situations, your readers will be able to understand your subject very well by looking at these images more than reading your blog posts.

If you place informative images in the right places in your blog posts, the value of your blog posts will increase even further. Therefore, I advise you to use pictures not only for decoration but to make them informative and useful.

Finally, we’ve explained pretty much everything to do before publishing an article. We hope the 6 proven SEO techniques on this page will definitely help you get more visitors and a click-through rate. If you want you can take help from us. Being the best SEO company in Lucknow, we provide the best seo services.

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